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SCCA / NASA / Formula Drift legal cage

Duration Varies · $2,450

This is the base price for a SCCA, NASA, Formula Drift legal cage for most vehicles. This price is for a fully TIG welded cage, made with a money-back guarantee to exceed technical rules for the rulebook provided as that rulebook is written for the time it is written. This includes some basic interior removal and re installation, additional fees and labor will apply for interior outside of the dashboard and front seats that we will remove and fit with the cage. Some vehicles do cost more, please contact us for more information.

All of our cages are made with US sourced materials.

Pro Touring Suspension

Duration Varies · $2,950

We do offer custom designed and engineered bolt-on front and rear suspension for double A-Arm solid axle cars both modern and vintage. Please contact us directly. Basic full suspension kits with custom tubular upper and lower arms and all rear arms including rear leaf to three or four link conversions start at $2,500 depending on the application.

All of our kits are made with US sourced steel, and we promise better geometry, longer lasting material, bushings and ball joints, as well as increased steering angle for fun, functionality. Contact us today for more.

Derrick Rogers Drift Knuckles


Derrick Rogers Drift knuckles available exclusively at The Awesome Shop.

This is the price of the knuckle modification for drift angle, and does not include cores. We prefer to have the units from your vehicle that are in known good condition. Some vehicles require tie rods, control arms, and supporting mods for proper angle. The $225 is a base price. Please message us directly for a specific quote.

Applications: S13/S14/S15, S195, Fox/SN95 Mustang, 3rd/4th Gen Fbody, IS300, FC RX7, C4/C5/C6 Corvette, and several more available.

Please message us directly for a specific quote.

Basic UTV Cage


This is a basic UTV cage with no door bars, and optional up to two light mounts and includes whip mounts and a roof skin. This is intended to increase safety for the recreational ride and will likely meet or exceed rulebooks for entry level amateur UTV racing but is not intended or guaranteed to pass Pro-AM or Pro level series.

All cages are made with US sourced DOM tubing and are 100% TIG welded. This does include an aluminum roof skin and dzus fasteners.

UTV Race Ready Roll Cage


This is a custom made roll cage legal for local woods, desert, and off road racing. Can be made to suit TDRA, LORRS, TORCS, TORN, or any local or national UTV series. This price will include the labor for installation of window nets and doors, but does not include the actual window nets and doors if desired. Additional door bars, mounts, light mounts, nerf bars, and other items are extra. Please message us letting us know what type of UTV you have, what you plan to use it for, and we will get you an exact price.

A Basic cage with no extras is $1800 and includes a roof skin.

CNC Cut Steel / Aluminum Signs


Our in house CNC service, LOOMA, has the ability to CNC cut basic signs for your shop, home, garage, or mancave. This is a sign up to 2'x4' that is a base, and up to 20 characters CNC cut and affixed. Custom paint, lighting, and other options extra. Please contact us directly for your sign needs. The base price for a 2 dimensional sign without any design work, just cut and assemble, is $175. Design, materials, and other options add cost. Please message us directly for information.

All of our signs are made with US sourced material.

Aluminum Tig Welded Intercooler Pipes


This is a base price for a vehicle that already has a turbocharger, or supercharger installed, and has an intercooler and needs piping and intercooler mounts. This price does include mounting the intercooler, and modification, clearance, and all other things necessary to fabricate and install intercooler pipes on a vehicle. This price does NOT include the intercooler, or turbocharger itself. This is only for the intercooler piping.

We only use US sourced aluminum and all kits are fully TIG welded. Please contact us directly for specifics as some platforms are unique.

C5 / C6 Corvette SCCA / NASA / FD Cages


C5 / C6 Corvette roll cage that will meet or exceed NASA, SCCA, and Formula Drift rules. This is a fully TIG welded cage using US sourced materials that includes removal and re installation of all sound deadening, panel bond, and includes rebonding and Corvette specific needs for the fabrication, and installation of a rollcage that is guaranteed to meet and exceed the rulebook provided for SCCA / NASA / Formula Drift rules at the time of the build. This does include the Dash removal and reinstallation with trimming. No other interior will be kept. Please contact directly for a quote.

Track Day Roll Bar


This is a base price for a 4 point roll bar fully TIG welded into a vehicle. This does include some interior removal, but is subject to more interior costs depending on vehicle. This is a basic main hoop and down bars with a built in harness bar made using US sourced DOM tubing. Please contact us for more information, and this is a base price that may fluctuate depending on vehicle.

Non-Sanctioned Street Full Roll Cage


This is a roll cage that will NOT be compliant with any sanctioning body, and will not include door bars. This is a main hoop, front and rear down bars. This could be upgraded into a legal cage later, and is fully TIG welded with US sourced steel. Price includes a bare dash removal, trim and re-installation on most vehicles. Additional interior removal, re installation and stripping not included with base price. Please message us for more information.

Fabrication Labor


Anyting that requries: cutting, welding, or customization, to any part or material required to install or create a component or system for a vehicle.

Motorsports Labor


Motorsport is more than just changing parts and diagnosis. It requires an incredible attention to detail to truly yield the reliability and performance needed in an extreme duty environment. An agreed upon scope of work is required before we accept any job, and we also have subscription plans available if provided with your schedule of events and goals for the vehicle so you can focus on what you do off the track, when you're not at the track, and leave the track preparations to our team.

Off Road vehicles require a minimum $50 cleaning fee before.

Vehicle Transportation


Base price is $50 one way within 15 minutes by non surface streets of the shop.

Anything past that is $.25 a mile up to 100 miles.

Anything over 100 miles is a flat rate of $.50 per mile plus a $50 base fee.

Any agreed upon scope of work over $1,000 can include this service at no charge within 100 miles of the shop within 2 weeks of agreed scope of work for your project.

Electrical Labor


Electrical is one of the most complex, and intricate systems on your vehicle. It requires more diagnosis and careful inspection than any other component on a vehicle. All electrical jobs require authorization for 3 hour minimum for diagnostic. One hour minimum check out on any electrical concern our team addresses with your vehicle.

Mechanical Labor


General Mechanical Labor is $95 an hour. This does not include diagnostics, fabrication, custom components. This only applies to repair or replacement of factory equipped components.

Vehicle Storage


Daily storage rates for vehicles completed or that do not have a signed off scope of work or vehicles that have been completed or are not in process of work due to customer decision after 3 business days.

Repairing Someone Else's Work


Price seem high? Perfect. We get a lot of messages about this, while we feel bad and wish we could help, we simply try to stay away from re-doing another shop's work. As the price indicates, it is just not worth it.

We stand behind all of our products proudly with honor, and are happy to help you build something new. But we do NOT take in projects from other shops unless it really makes sense for us and the customer. With $1,000,000, we can pretty much replace anything anyone else has done to make your life easier. Please don't message us about this. This is a deterrent.